About Us

Boolean Education and Training started its operation in the year 2010. During its operation , it has established itself a premier organization in the areas of Education and Training. The institution comprises of a team of professionals with good amount of experience in their respective fields.

Boolean Education and Training believes in quality education which empowers and prepares students to meet the realities of the professional world head on. It recognizes that an education confined to books and classrooms is a tale of the past. The evolving trends in the corporate & professional fields require students to be informed, educated, prepared.

The Teaching Team is highly involve and keeps abreast of the latest trends in the industry. It interacts with the various industries in order to realize the changing trends and prepare students to deal with the same.

Specialized Teaching techniques enhanced competitiveness through multi-faced interventions leading to Personality improvement through Consulting, Training, Process & timely assessments, and proper interaction of students with studies in a creative manner through quality parameters.

Our Company is instate with a vision to excel and to create a global opportunity for every student and ensure that his/her skills are properly identified and that students are oriented in right direction.

The objective of the Teaching Team is to ensure zero defects with respect to the quality management, aped and innovation and the transformation of students into self directed focused and high performance individuals. Its also aims to provide a platform for holistic development of students.

We recognize various problems that student face today, talented minds may need assistance in gaining confidence or learning how to handle challenging situations. Therefore our training dept works towards helping students identify their skills and capabilities and developing the same to their maximum potential.